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Late Night Writes: Knowledge
Why? Why should I love this world? What do I owe to it? Why should I love a world in which I was born, to simply die.
To never make a real mark on the world; to know my inevitable fate is nothing short of maddening.
Over and over it is said that knowledge is power, but I am here to correct that statement, as it is highly incorrect. As a race we know too much and gain too little. However we keep searching, in vain hope we'll found ourselves out of this mess.
We know there's always a reason for everything, and know how to find the solution. We know how to reach into others hearts, and we know too many ways of breaking them. We know what makes the world tick, and even pretend to understand things beyond it. We know more that any other species, or at least we think so.
But the most ruthlessly cruel thing we know is something that we created. We created our own cage around us and forgot to make a key. The knowledge of this monstrosity is what haunts me and refuses to detach itself from it's
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Late Night Writes: I've Had Enough.
You know what?
Yes. I am very much aware you don't understand.
I get that your brain can't process this simple equation
Of why I always fake sick,
I force myself to be so.
You are so confused when I back out of plans,
Lie directly to your face,
Or simply avoid you because I'm terrified,
Terrified that you'll hate me if you get to really know me.
No one really knows me.
You can't possibly understand why I get so scared,
Scared with an irrational yet horrifying fear
That suddenly my reality will change into a tangled mess
With no hope of fixing.
You can't get that I'm a giant ball of stress and frustration,
Wanting to tear my hair out and scream,
Even though I'm smiling with calm eyes
That seemed over-rehearsed.
You don't have the ability to comprehend this torture,
This hell that rips my sanity from me
And has a vice grip on my soul,
Until it reduces me to nothing.
I can see that you don't understand,
But I do take a little blame for that.
Maybe I could have reached out more,
Talked mor
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Late Night Doodles: Who did (do) you want to be? :iconkiddo645:Kiddo645 0 0
OP Fanfiction: Past Lullabies: part 10
Robin swirled the red wine around in her glass, staring out to the sea as the sun set beyond the horizon, a book laid forgotten on her lap. Sitting on a lawn chair reading was usually late afternoon past time (and every other time of the day), but at this particular moment, she was preoccupied with the crews’ safety.
“So… are you sure everyone will be safe?”
Risea sighed as she put the last screw in the one of the two mechanisms before her, “Honestly? Probably not; at least not completely. But from what I’ve gathered, this group doesn’t really do safe,” she added the end with a bit of a smile, trying to lighten the mood.
But the woman just gave her a pointed look, “That’s not the point.”
“Then what is, oh knowledgeable one?” Risea poked fun, but she was starting to get annoyed herself. This woman knew just how to push her buttons and had been doing so ever since she got on the ship. And most recently, she ha
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Late Night Write: Let it Happen
What would you do if I just broke?
If just decided to end this giant charade and let the darkness in my heart take hold of me, how would you react? Would you try to save me? Would you scream and beg and bargain with whatever god that will listen for me to be taken far away from this abyss? Or would you just watch, not a tear shed for me, nor an ounce of sadness in your heart. What would you do?
However, over these years that I've had the genuine pleasure of knowing you, I have an educated guess that you would most likely do on of the first two. I accept this about you, and in times I find comfort in it, but as of late, I've beginning to rethink some things. Actually, I've been hoping more and more that you won't do anything. Not because I don't want you to care, it's just somewhere, a part of me wants this to happen, and that part of me gets bigger and bigger by each passing day.
I want to end everything that pains me in this world. I want to give into these warped feelings and fall
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I have done nothing productive.


Hahaha yeah right. We all know I'm not gonna get anything done.

  • Listening to: The Fray
  • Reading: Tale of Two Cities
  • Drinking: Earl Grey Tea


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I should be working on five writing projects. 2 fanfictions, 2 short stories series and a novel. But I'm not. I'm quite lazy. It is quite time consuming as I am also trying to survive highschool, homework and taking at least two naps a day, and I don't like effort.

Effort is gross.

I draw now and then and I think I'm gradually improving from "not that great" to "ehh. its half decent"

Other stuff:
I absolutely love One Piece, it is my favourite manga/anime of all time.
Mystery novels and slowing becoming my absolute book loves,
And I read too much.
I'm extremely terrified of butterflies, moths, and people touching my neck, which my friends love to make fun of.
I'm also a huge geek and klutz.
I love Disney movies.
Just singing as loud as I can, when I'm home alone of course.



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